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"How can we achieve balance in motherhood when the daily demands are so great?"

Those Things We Do

Have you ever stopped to take inventory of your life? I don’t mean a quick little look at the highlights; I mean a deep, penetrating look at your life, including at the habits you didn’t even realize you had developed. THAT takes some serious mindfulness and radical...
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Finding Balance in Motherhood

Our Words There is information out there that is fully accessible to us if we know how to look for it. There are words available that define the experiences we’re all living right now, because none of them are actually unique to us. Words are the bridge that connect...
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The Inner Goddess

The Inner Goddess Why do we tell ourselves that we are not worth it - not worth space, attention, love, time, affection, tenderness, joy? This can be due to some perceived flaw or, more likely, because we were told at some formative point in our lives, that we are not...
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Filters Today, as I was perusing Facebook, I came across a post by a woman who was, in her words, struggling to be “body positive”. She saw an imperfect body that doesn’t measure up to the bodies she sees around her. I only saw the following: Long, elegant arms...
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The “Good Mother”

What does a “good” mother look like?  A “good” mother is a nurturer at all times.  A “good” mother doesn’t grieve for the loss of her flat belly, her perky breasts, her sex drive, her sex appeal, her time to pursue her passions etc.

Well, screw the “good” mother label. We certainly don’t fit it (well, Amy *thinks* she does but Ilana knows better).  We’ll tell you what we think a “good” mother actually looks like.

A “good” mother is real. A good mother is raw. A good mother is tired and drawn and sometimes yells at her spouse and her children.  A good mother understands her value. She understands that giving birth does not erase her identity and does not limit her. A good mother understands that she still exists, that she still has needs and desires and wants and passions.  And that is ok, that is necessary.

The "Good" Mother

The "Good" Mother

Posted by Amy and Ilana on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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"Avoid judging yourself harshly and instead offer grace and compassion to YOURself."

The Power of Mothers

At a packed AppleCheeks™ event at Ana Banana in Saint John, NB, Amy and iLana had some heartfelt words for the wonderful women who gathered to meet them!

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"It is important to understand that your mothering style is yours alone to choose... Own it. Allow your style and your life to be fluid, to adapt, to evolve, to grow."

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"How do you want to live? Think about it. Hold it. Taste it. See it. Now, ask yourself what is stopping you from living that vision and making it your reality?"

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Amy Appleton

Mother to three strapping boys and one amazing girl, Amy enjoys any outdoor sport or activity and healthy cooking. Amy is so lucky to have many very dear friends who enrich her life, giving her a strong base, on which she builds a life full of love. She is the co-creator and co-owner of AppleCheeks™ Cloth Diapers, which provides her many opportunities to travel to new cities, which she avidly explores with a great sense of adventure.

Ilana Grostern

Mother to three fierce girls, iLana is an enthusiastic wellness advocate and free spirit. She enjoys unofficially mentoring others in both personal and professional pursuits, encouraging them to find and express their voices and live their truth. She is the co-creator and co-owner of AppleCheeks™ Cloth Diapers, for which she and her partner were named auspicious number 69 out of 100 top female entrepreneurs in Canada.

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